Monday, March 30, 2015

WWE WrestleMania 31 - List of Stars Who Competed in WrestleMania 31

1: A J Lee - She was participating in a tag team match with Paige against The Bella Twins.

 2: Big Show - He was participating in Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal with some other WWE Stars.

3: Daniel Bryan - He was participating in Intercontinental Championship with other WWE Stars in a ladder match.

4: Dolph Ziggler - He was also participating in Intercontinental Championship with Daniel Bryan and other WWE Stars in a ladder match.

5: John Cena - He was competing for United States Championship with Russian WWE Star Rusev.

6: Paige - She is a former Diva Champion and competing with AJ Lee against The Bella Twins in a tag team match

7: Randy Orton - He is also known as "The Viper" and was competed against 2014 Money of the Bank winner Seth Rollins

8: Roman Reigns - He is 2015 Royal Rumble winner and was facing Brock Lesnar for WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

9: Seth Rollins - He is also known as former "Shield" member and 2014 Money of the Bank winner. He was facing Randy Orton in singles match.

10: Sting - He is former WCW Champion and was facing HHH in singles match.

11: The Bella Twins - They are former tag team champions and also one of them holds Diva Championship. They were facing Paige and AJ Lee in a tag team match.

12: HHH - He is a wrestler and COO of WWE. He was facing sting in a singles match.

13: The Undertaker - He was competing against Bray Wyatt in singles match.

Images Courtesy- Google Images